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Flex Walls NYC For Room, Offices, Apartments With Easy Removable Features

Flex Walls NYC For Room, Offices, Apartments With Easy Removable Features

We all live in houses. Some live in apartments and some in bungalows. Our houses have walls. Walls divide the rooms. They work as dividers. They make numerous rooms according to the size of the house and let everyone have their personal space.

Thus there are different kinds of walls. We are used to of seeing concrete and metal walls that can make the place solid but there is the existence and sell of partial, pressurized, bookshelf and flex walls.

What Are Flex Walls?

Flex walls are one of the temporary walls. Unlike concrete and cement walls, temporary walls are plaster-made removable walls. There are four types of removable dividers:

  • Partial walls
  • Bookshelf walls
  • Pressurized walls, and
  • Flex walls.

Like all other types, flex wall extend from floor to ceiling. It requires pressure to install them between the room to divide it into two rooms. Therefore, university students and struggling couples buy them to make rooms in their apartments.

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What Are The Features Of Flex Walls?

There are many features and advantages of flex walls. Some of them are:

  • No screws: Unlike concrete walls, you don’t need screws to install them. All you have to do is to call Temporary Walls NYC and ask the workers to take measurements and prepare wall of some light material.
  • Easy to install: You don’t need days to install the divider. All you need is some hours to install them. Therefore, you can create room for your loved at the eleventh hour if you have temporary walls. And because of this, you can create separate spaces for every member during this pandemic and practice social distancing easily.
  • Light: However you cannot fulfill your dream to hang your dream heavy frames on it as it can bear the load of not more than 30 pounds. Yet you can place books but you have to be careful as the walls are 4.5 inches thick only.
  • Price: Flex walls would cost you up to $2000 whereas concrete walls would demand you to spend up to $10,000. Therefore, the trend of buying and using removable walls is increasing as you can create another room for cheap to double the space.
  • Earning: Flex walls give you chance to earn money. You can rent extra room to reliable person to let the space work for you. Besides, you can use the space to run gym, start gardening school or tuition center. You can even shift your office or startup to that room and minimize your expenses.
  • Space: More rooms means more space. You have now space to keep some if your things in one room and some things in extra room. You can use this room as study or workplace during pandemic to get some sense of workplace.

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So these are some of the basic features of flex walls. Flex walls have ample advantages especially in this time of coronavirus pandemic. If you want home but you don’t have enough money then get one room apartment on rent and insert two flex walls in it. Give space to reliable people and collect money to pay the rent! You can use these walls in offices to make soave for each employee to practice social distancing. So buy one of the wall and use it at the time of need! Visit us at here http://flexwallsnyc.com/.