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Reasons Why an Excavator Hire Is a Better Choice Than a Bobcat

Reasons Why an Excavator Hire Is a Better Choice Than a Bobcat

When it comes to land clearing, pool digging, and other essential excavation services; you need heavy-duty earthmoving machinery. Two of the highly renowned equipment are excavator and a bobcat. Both are highly effective and have several applications but that doesn’t mean you need to hire both. So, let’s have a look at situations where excavator hire machinery is a better choice than a bobcat.

An Excavator or A Bobcat, Which One Should You Hire?

Here when we compare a bobcat with an excavator, we assume that you’re looking for a compact or lightweight machinery. That’s true because the construction sites are getting smaller especially in urban areas. The space is limited and you need to have a reduced footprint. But even then it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on productivity and work pace. That’s where a compact or mini-excavator can do wonders. It can not only deliver superior maneuverability with reduced turning radius but it can also provide power and deliverability.

Working On Difficult Terrains

When it comes to operation on uneven terrain, crawler-mounted excavators are the best. Although they are slower to move the crawlers provide them with overall greater flexibility, balance, and stability. Such excavators work well on rocky, dusty, or snowy terrain.

Digging Trenches

When you’re looking to dig deep, as in the case of trenches, the long-reach boom of an excavator comes in handy. In comparison to the bobcat whose bucket faces away from the operator, the bucket of an excavator allows greater precision and efficiency. The movement and rotation of the cabin make it ideal to be stationed slightly far from the trench thereby providing stability during digging. The hydraulic powerful engines aid inconvenient operation that makes it ideal for underground operations.

Dumping and Mulching

The long-reach boom of the excavator and its greater stability allows you to lift and move heavy materials on the job site. The swivel action, 360-degree turn, and enhanced maneuverability make them ideal for dumping and mulching like that of tree branches or bushes.

Greater On-The-Job Capacity

Because of the ability to get equipped with diverse attachments, an excavator offers greater on-the-job capacity than much other earthmoving machinery. You can use it for heavy-duty trenching, large-scale backfilling, ripping, or rock-breaking.

Bigger Jobs Like Demolition & Landscaping

Heavy-duty hydraulic engines of an excavator can deliver matchless performance and power with fluid power, dynamic system, and controls. With the latest technologies and improvements in hydraulic systems, an even enhanced and fuel-efficient performance is delivered.

The Bottom Line

The use of bobcat or skid-steer is limited for small-scale and residential projects. Yes, it does simplify a lot of specific tasks but it is most often used as an auxiliary vehicle. You can only use a skid-steer where the material is to be stacked up or spread out and you require having tricky turns. So, an excavator hire company rental undoubtedly is far more useful on worksites where digging and excavation is a major priority.