Home Buying SellingSellers Guide: 6 Expert Home Staging Tips To Sell Your House Faster
Sellers Guide: 6 Expert Home Staging Tips To Sell Your House Faster

Sellers Guide: 6 Expert Home Staging Tips To Sell Your House Faster

When a potential buyer walks in, you want them to fall in love with the property absolutely. The best way to make that happen is by staging your home the right way. In simple words, staging your home means decorating your home so that the most prominent features of the property are highlighted as soon as someone walks in. You could hire a professional to stage your home, or you could do it yourself. At the end of the day, you need to present your property in the best possible way so that any potential buyers who walk in can actually imagine themselves living there. We spoke to the expert estate agents in Orpington and professional stagers who suggested the six most important home staging tips you need to follow to sell your home faster.

1 Start by Depersonalising the Space

Just because you love the colour yellow does not mean that the potential buyer who walks in will feel the same way. So, if you’ve got a yellow couch in your living room or maybe a yellow themed bathroom, you need to change it to something more neutral. Remember, you are setting up this place for the potential buyer to fall in love with it, so your personal preferences need to take a backseat. Also, you need to start removing personal items so that the buyer can imagine this place as their own. That means you need to take down family photographs, you need to get rid of personal knick-knacks, and you should even empty out bathroom counters and dressing tables.

2 Make The Place Look as Neutral as Possible

Buy fresh white towels for the bathroom. In the bedrooms, use white sheets and simple duvet covers. In the living room, get rid of any extra throw pillows and try to put any loud or distracting pillow covers in the storage. You want the buyers to imagine this place as their own home, so the more neutral, the better. For example, not everyone likes the same type of art. So, instead of placing graphic artwork on the walls, you can put something simple like a landscape or a painting of the sunset.

3 Allow Natural Sunlight to Enter

Natural light makes your property look vibrant and airy, and it even makes space look bigger. Think about it, if you were a potential buyer who would see properties, would you rather walk into a dark and dingy home, or would you prefer to enter a place that has a lot of natural light coming in? If the weather permits, it will be a great idea to open the windows and let some fresh air come in.

4 Clean Like Your Life Depends On It

You don’t just need to clean the place, and you need to clean the place as you’ve never cleaned before. That means getting rid of that stain on the bathroom counter that has been there for years and making every tile in the kitchen shine like it’s brand new. You need to clean every nook and corner, from the ceiling to the floor and everything in between. No buyer wants to walk into a kitchen to see dirty dishes or walking into a bathroom with a tainted bathtub. Some of the top estate agents in Beckenham recommend you clean the corners as your life depends on it! In fact, you can even hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your home.

5 Decluttering Is Key

Get rid of anything that you do not require. Get rid of the clutter in the living room – throw out those extra throw pillows, get rid of the hundred items on the coffee table and put some of that personal memorabilia in the storage. Remove the clutter from every room, which includes the bedroom as well as the bathroom! If there are broken glasses or cracked mugs in the kitchen, get rid of those too. When you get rid of the extra’s, the potential buyers will be thoroughly impressed with the great storage space!

6 Always Create an Illusion of Space

One of the best ways to create an illusion of space is by using mirrors. You should place mirrors in front of areas that give out natural light so that the light reflects and space looks bigger. Even painting the room in soft and subtle shades of cream, ivory and off-white can make the room feel calmer and bigger. Always try to decorate your home with light colours such as tans and whites with a dash of pale blue, baby pink or mint green as these light colours create an illusion of more space. And, the best way to make a place look bigger is by getting rid of any extra furniture, such as that old footstool that has been stashed away in the corner for years.