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Why Storage Units Are Better Than Self-Storage

Why Storage Units Are Better Than Self-Storage

There is no doubt in the most obvious fact that businesses look for self-storage facilities exactly with the similar intentions that individuals or families have; to keep the goods safe when you run out of storage space at your own property.

When such a situation arises, a lot of businesses opt for arranging space for self-storage. But this is exactly where they make the blunder as we are here to highlight how storage units as offered on rent by various companies like SpaceNextDoor storage these days is a better option.

We are going to cover every aspect below so that being a business owner it is always easy for you to make the call in the hour of need.

Location Convenience

As warehouse spaces of companies are usually located in the industrial areas on the outskirts of a city, storage units are like the treasure island within the city for you which can be accessed at any hour during the day. Hence, when you choose storage units over your own warehouse, you would actually be cutting down the hassle of going to the location that may be miles away for when you need an item from there. It may also become a challenge when you would be needing the specific thing stored in a warehouse in a little time.

Added Protection

As warehouses are located around the outskirts or at places where there isn’t any hustle and bustle, therefore the chances of robbery is high if it is not being protected well with guards or burglar systems.

On the other hand, companies that offer storage spaces keep security as their topmost priority and therefore promise advanced monitoring processes like video surveillance, front gate security, outside and indoor lighting, and staff monitoring as well.

As a result, with self-storage facilities such costs come as fixed while being a part of your monthly rental fee or some companies charge very little for that as compared to managing it on your own. Every unit you rent is locked exclusively by you being the owner of the property for the months you decide to get it on rent.

Low Costs

Commercial self-storage can also be very cost-effective as compared to going for self-storage in any of your warehouses. You can get rid of all the costs associated with the leasing of a warehouse including

  • Electricity and other utilities
  • Security
  • Insurance
  • Additional personnel

A lot of you might still think that self-storage is a better option on a long-term basis. But as the storage needs can change overnight, therefore it is recommended by many of the analysts to not go for them. Furthermore, self-storage gives you the flexibility to rent a larger unit whenever you want and then leave it when you no longer need it or even convert your larger unit to a smaller one. All you would be required to pay is monthly fees.

Now that you are well aware of all the advantages, we hope you will make the wise decision in your favor!