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What Is Building Facade Cleaning?

What Is Building Facade Cleaning?

Building facade cleaning refers to cleansing the exterior of a building to remove dirt, stains, pollutants, moss, etc. Normally, the facade only means the front part of the building where the entrance is, but most of the times, all the parts of the building is cleaned.

Building facade cleaning is different from the interior cleaning mainly because of the risk and the equipment needed. We need to hire professionals to do it.

What Are The Methods Of Building Facade Cleaning?

There are many ways we can clean building facades. We choose a method depending on the height and the preference of the cleaning services. This can be with lift, scaffold, ladder, etc.

However, these days, rope access is taken as the preferred way of cleaning buildings. This is because rope access in Singapore is cheap and at the same time, gives better results.

Rope access consists of a rope tied to the body of the workers and anchored from a fixed point. As the rope has been tied with safety equipment, there is little to no chance of falling, and the worker can move freely across the walls.

You see, setting up lift, scaffold, and so on takes a lot of time. They cost more to buy as well. A lot of workers are needed, and the work is done slowly and carefully, as there always is the risk of falling. However, that is not the case with rope access- you just need to pay for some ropes, installing it doesn’t take any time, and the cleaning can be done fast.

What Are The Types Of Building Facade Cleaning?

The working method is one thing, but there are many types of building facade cleaning. The one we use depends on the stuff that we want to remove from the building material and the location of the blemish which could be moss, dirt, etc.

Pressure Washing: Pressure washing removes dirt. It means washing the surface with an extraordinary water spray.

Moss Control: Anti-Moss agents are sprayed on the required areas.

Special Washing: Depending on the building material, we may have to apply a cleaning agent with the pressure wash.

Logo Washing: We need brushes and filtered water to clean logo and lightbox advertisement.