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Finding the best Real Estate agent in Hervey Bay

Finding the best Real Estate agent in Hervey Bay

There are a few decisions a homeowner must consider when finding the Best Hervey Bay Real Estate Agents to sell their home. This includes both financial and emotional decisions.

A few of the most important considerations when deciding to list your property with a Hervey Bay Real Estate agent is – who is going to sell it fastest and for the best price? Who is going to treat my home and my requirements with respect and who understands the area of Hervey Bay better than anyone else?

Whether you have decided to sell the family home, your first apartment or an investment property, choosing the right Hervey Bay Real Estate agent is going to be critical. You want to ensure you achieve your desired goals and you can feel comfortable with the result.

While everyone approaches the sale of a home differently, there are some key things you should look for when choosing the best Hervey Bay real estate agent to list your property with. You want:

  1. A friendly local that knows a lot of people. This lets you know the agent is loved and respected within the community of Hervey Bay. This also means word of the sale of your home gets around a lot faster.
  2. Recent sales. Look at the recent sales of Hervey Bay real estate agents and see who specialises in selling your style and size of home, do they sell in your area/neighbourhood? Are they getting great prices?
  3. What is the commission structure like and what are the costs you must put forward?
  4. Checkout the agents and their agencies reviews on realestate.com.au, Google and Facebook. Read a few of the testimonials to get a gage on peoples feelings about the agent and their branch.
  5. Where is the location of the office? Do they have a great storefront to the community? A Real Estate branch with great window space which is viewable by multiple people who will pass by every day will attract the interest of many potential buyers.
  6. View the agent’s profile and website. A great real estate agent will always have a great website. The best real estate agents will have listings available for you to checkout and sold properties to see.