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Things to know before Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney for You

Things to know before Choosing the Right Estate Planning Attorney for You

The right estate planning attorney can be a game-changer for you and your family. He or she can take the time to examine all aspects of your life and make sure you have an estate plan to meet your needs. There are a lot of questions that need to be answered when it comes to choosing an estate planning attorney.

Choosing the right trust and estate planning attorney for you can be a difficult task. Here are some things to know before choosing the right Estate Planning Attorney for you!

A Personal Referral From Someone You Trust

  • Ask people you trust for referrals.
  • Check with the state bar association (you can find yours here) to determine if an attorney has ever been disciplined, disbarred, or suspended from practice.
  • Ask if the attorney has any specialties. For example, some attorneys specialize in business law, criminal law, family law, and estate planning.
  • Find out how much experience the attorney has in this area of law.
  • Ask if the attorney will be handling your case personally or refer it to another lawyer or a paralegal. If they do refer it, make sure you meet that person and make sure they will be available to answer your questions about your case during its duration.
  • Get referrals to past clients by asking them for names of cases similar to yours that were successfully closed by the estate planning firm.

Experience In Estate Planning

Estate planning typically deals with the assets of wealthy people, and there’s a lot to know about how to allocate those assets without running afoul of the IRS. An experienced estate planning attorney will have gone through all the necessary courses and tests to get a license from their state. The best estate planning attorneys are usually members of professional organizations such as the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys or the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA).

Someone Who Understands Your Needs

Some attorneys have worked very hard at learning the ins and outs of estate planning but are not passionate about it or have an interest in it—that’s okay! Finding someone passionate about his job can mean that they spend more time explaining things and helping you understand what they’re doing instead of just making the process work. Although that is important, the other benefit is that this shows through in everything they do for you—everything will be handled with care during all phases of your case, not just when money changes hands. A good attorney truly looks out for what’s best for their clients, especially someone as important to them as a loved one or family member would be.

Someone Who Respects Your Goals And Values

3 Vital Tips from a Colorado Estate Planning Attorney

  • You should feel like the attorney “gets” your situation and has all the necessary facts straight—like they’ve heard the story before and know what questions to ask. They shouldn’t make any assumptions or make decisions without hearing from you first (after all, they work for you)
  • It would be best if you trust their judgment. This means you think they have the best interests of you and your family at heart when they’re making recommendations based on your situation.
  • You can tell from their demeanor if they’re listening to what’s being said or just going through the motions; pay close attention during interviews!

Someone Who Feels Like A Partner, Not A Boss

It’s important to find a lawyer who feels like a partner, not a boss. A good partner makes you feel heard and understood. They will be patient with you when you ask them questions and explain things in ways that make sense to you. They are willing to meet with you face-to-face when needed, and they’re available if an urgent time arises for which you need advice or counsel. If your attorney doesn’t meet these criteria, they may be too busy or too distracted by other things to make your estate planning experience the best it could be!

Fees That Are Fair And Understandable

Fees are a major consideration when choosing an estate planning attorney. Whether you’re drafting a will, creating a trust, or planning for your long-term care or incapacity, you need to know:

  • How much the attorney charge
  • How does the attorney charge (is it time-based billing or flat fees?)
  • What epic services are included in the attorney’s basic fee
  • How much do additional papers cost (such as deeds and powers of appointment)
  • Which services require an additional fee
  • How much those services cost

Final Words

Looking for an estate planning attorney can be overwhelming. Epic advisors make it easy to find the right lawyer for you. Make sure you find epic financial consulting before choosing the right estate planning attorney for you.  Don’t be afraid to ask about these things. A good estate planning professional will be happy to answer your questions and explain how they charge. If they aren’t forthcoming with this information, consider finding someone else who is willing to be more transparent with you.