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How To Create An Indoor Garden

How To Create An Indoor Garden

Now that you’ve designed the perfect home with the best of furniture and accessories, its time to think of setting up a small flower garden and adding a refreshing touch of greenery to the ambience. International studies show that having plants at home provides a calming effect and generates positivity. Also, having different flowers in the house plays an important role in reducing stress and anxiety. In these articles, we will outline how you can create an indoor garden and make your home a greener place.

Decide On The Style Of Your Home Garden

There are basically two styles of home gardening that you can choose from: Container Gardening and Hydroponic Gardening. In Container Gardening, a series of physical containers with traditional gardening soil and are used to grow plants. On the other hand, a hydroponic garden uses a combination of fertilised water and non-soil starter for growing plants, which are arranged vertically. If you want to do home gardening in a small space, we suggest you opt for Container Gardening. However, if you’re looking at growing a lot of plants in a small space, then we suggest you go in for Hydroponic Gardening. Container Gardens are easier to maintain and are the preferred type of home gardens in homes which have a small configuration, i.e. 1 BHK or even 2BHK. ruparel westsky kandivali includes grand deck apartments and premium living.

How To Choose Containers For Your Container Garden

It is important that you choose the right containers for growing the plants in your home garden. You can either choose the traditional containers available in stores selling garden supplies, or use old vases, plastic bottles or even large old cans. We suggest that you use plastic containers as they are best in retaining moisture. Should you decide to use a wooden container instead, you should opt for rot resistant wood such as cedar or redwood. It is important to note here, that you do not use a container treated with any chemical as this is likely to kill your plants.

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The Right Soil Makes All The Difference

Resist the temptation from scooping out some soil from outside and using it to grow the plants in your home garden, as outside soil often contains insects and disease that will slowly kill your plants. You should buy soil mix from your local garden store, as this soil will have the perfect balance of clay and sand which gives it the ideal porousness necessary for proper growth of the plants. Using healthy soil makes your plants thrive and grow better as it has a higher capacity to store and process water. Spacious and well ventilated residences at ruparel west sky

Maintaining Your Plants Is The Key To A Successful Home Garden

Now that you’ve planted your home garden and all the plants are ready to bloom and create visual magic in your surroundings, it is important that you pay regular attention to their upkeep and maintenance. You must ensure that your greens are getting the required amount of sunlight and water everyday. Your local garden store will guide you on the quantity and frequency of the fertilisers or compost that you should give to your plants for the necessary nutrients that will help them grow better. Once your plants have a reached a particular size, you will need to plant them again into larger pots or even split them into more plants. The moment you notice any of your plants showing brown spots, it is a sign they are dying., and you must immediately separate them from the other plants so that they do not spread any disease they might be carrying.