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A Private Island In West Caye Belize

A Private Island In West Caye Belize

The Ultimate Investment

Nothing says “luxurious” like owning a private island. Getting your own piece of paradise is truly the ultimate status symbol and the ultimate goal of the world’s richest people. A-listers such as Richard Branson, George Clooney and Celine Dion all own islands and enjoy the privacy and exclusivity they bring. Who wouldn’t want to join this growing trend, especially when private islands in beautiful locations like Belize are available at reasonable prices?

Exclusive Access to Paradise

When it comes to private islands, there are only so many available in the world. Supplies are extremely limited, to say the least. New listings are rarely added to the Belize real estate market and those currently on the market sell quickly. In fact, even people of larger wealth and name have bought islands in West Caye Belize Property. As the country makes a name for itself in the luxury travel and ecotourism market, even wealthier investors are turning to Belize in search of their private Caribbean paradise. This growing demand for private islands has made the few remaining islands even more desirable.

How much is a Private Island in Belize?

What could be better than owning a pristine private island off the coast of Belize? Since the sizes and prices vary, there are many opportunities for development. Currently, prices range from as little as $135,000 for a 4,356 square foot Caye to $12,000,000 for a large 550-acre island.

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Location is Everything

When it comes to buying a private island, location is everything. Browse our Belize islands for sale to find a wide variety of private island properties. Some are as close as just 8 miles off the coast of Belize City, while others are just 1 mile from the incredible barrier reef. Others are islets offering soft sand beaches perched right on top of a world-renowned marine reserve. The ideal location will depend on the type of development and the buyer’s priorities. For those looking for a secluded property in the calm blue of the sea, or an opportunity to develop a resort that is perfectly located next to the thriving Placencia peninsula – there are many options and different locations. Some of our properties are ideally situated for diving enthusiasts, while others, such as Little Frenchman Caye, are ideal for eco-resort development, already equipped with accommodation and fully self-sufficient features such as solar power and reverse osmosis systems.

The Reality of Life on a Remote Island

Living on an island is the perfect opportunity for a fresh start. Whether it’s a new development project or a personal holiday home, it’s a chance to create sustainable off-grid living surrounded by breathtaking nature. It is a rare opportunity to find peace in remote places, far from the hustle and bustle of civilization. For those who are buying a private island for the first time, there will be a lot of questions.