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What to Look When Viewing a Property in the UK

What to Look When Viewing a Property in the UK

Are you buying your first home in the UK? Well, there are several things you have to check before you sign that contract. Since this will be a place you want to call home, you should take time to view the property to ensure it ticks a significant part of your checklist.

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Some homebuyers are not keen when they go viewing, and they end up regretting it. Here, we have put some things you should always check when buying property in the UK.

1 – Structural Integrity Of The House 

When buying a property on a mortgage or in cash, you should take time to establish the house’s structural integrity. You want to make sure the house you are about to purchase is structurally sound. While most buyers look for some big cracks in the house, you can also expect some hairline cracks.

Look carefully where extensions join windows, bays, and end-of-terrace walls. These are most likely to start falling or bow away from the house. Look for issues that you can ask the estate agent for now and submit to your surveyor for investigations in the future.

2 – Is There Dampness In The Property? 

You should look for signs of dampness in the house when viewing. Keep your eyes on all signs of dampness like watermarked walls, flaky plasters, and moldy smell in the basement and ceilings.

Pay attention to the ceilings and the skirting boards. Additionally, if the room has a new painting, you should be even more cautious when viewing it.

3 – Storage Space 

Storage space is another factor most homebuyers will overlook when viewing. When viewing, you want to see if there is enough space to put your vacuum cleaner, boxes of junk, space lines, and many more. Is there enough space to build new shelves and cupboards?

If you are viewing a new-build house, you should find out if it has enough space to accommodate your family and furniture.

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4 – Where Does The House Face?

Where the house is facing is vital during the summer. This plays a significant role in how your home will get natural light, especially if the building is in a busy neighborhood. When you go for a viewing, you can carry a compass with you.

Spend some time in the house and when there is enough sunshine to find out if the place is bearable in summer.

5 – Check The Roof Condition 

A roof is an integral part of any house. When viewing a house, you should establish the ideal condition of the roof. Replacing a roof is expensive. Therefore, when buying a flat roof house, check the roofing material used. Most roofs have a lifespan of less than two decades.

Final Thoughts 

There is more to look at when viewing your next home. Find out if the plumbing is up to scratch, the roofing is intact, and the space is enough for your family. Before proceeding with the purchase, you should take your time to find out if the property you want to buy meets your needs.